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Offload your regulatory burden and focus on your core business

The lack of robust Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) processes exposes companies to fines and reputational damage.

OneHypernet's Customer Due Diligence (CDD) solution helps companies comply with regulatory requirements while automating the entire process to save you time and cost.


Ideal for these industries

Real estate

Real Estate

Law firms

Law Firms

Accounting services

Accounting Services



Precious stones

Precious Stones

Luxury goods

Luxury Goods

World's largest PEP database

Trusted by banks, government agencies, and law firms around the world

Over 3 million

entities and profiles

Over 250

countries and territories

24 hours

daily database update

Over 1,300

law agencies enforcement

Comprehensive global sanctions and watchlists data

Screen against various global databases for

Global 1Politically exposed person (PEP)
Global 2Adverse media and news
Global 3Major watchlists such as UN, OFAC, EU
Global 4Government watchlists such as MAS in Singapore
Global 5

Ongoing monitoring with record keeping and audit trail

Global 6Automate your monitoring and get notified if the risk profile of your customers change
Global 7Every action is timestamped into an audit trail for future verification to comply with regulators and auditors

Free Myinfo onboarding of your customers

  • Check liOnboard and verify new customers in less than a minute
  • Check liRetrieve verified data from government sources
  • Check liEliminate manual form filling to save time for you and your customers (no need to collect NRIC anymore)

MAS considers Myinfo and Myinfo business to be reliable and independent sources for the purpose of verifying the customer's personal and corporate data. Where Myinfo is used, MAS will not require financial institutions to obtain additional identification documents to verify a customer's identity.

How it works

  • Qr codeOneHypernet generates a customised web page and QR code just for you.
  • LoginCustomers log in via Singpass at your customised web page. This can be done at your shop or online.
  • UploadFull customer KYC information is saved and sent to you digitally.

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